Report and recommendations

Preparing your organisation for hybrid working is complex.
Let us help you simplify it.

Following our assessment, we will deliver a full insight on each employee that shows the key needs and prioritise the actions that will deliver the greatest benefits. 

Hybrid working solutions with Smarter Work
Recommendations for remote working with Smarterwork
Preparing your organisation with Smarter Work



Is you employee’s workspace set-up compliant with current HSA recommendations? 


Wellness and health

Are there any health and wellbeing risks for your employee? What actions can be taken to address these risks?


Equipment and home office set-up

Has your employee all the required equipment for home working? Has the equipment been set up ergonomically?


Security & confidentiality

Does the workspace provide a secure and confidential setting? How secure is company data? 


Cost of improved set-up

Full budget and costings for compliant home office set-up.

The ROI for having a proper ergonomic home office set-up
is proven. 

Our services help you care for your team better.