Regulations require all home workers to be risk-assessed.
Our assessment does more than just box ticking.

Using AI adaptive questionnaires and computer vision technology, our assessment tool provides detailed compliance reporting and recommendations including:


  • Health and Safety Compliance

  • Security

  • Equipment

  • Employee Wellness and Health


Assess your work space with Smarter Work
Assess your work space with Smarter Work
Employee wellness and health with Smarter Work

How it works


Invite your team

Every employee will receive a link in their inbox to do a wellbeing, DSE and workstation risk assessment.


Health questionnaire

Your team will complete short AI generated personalised questionnaires on pain, working behaviours and their office set-up.


Desk assessment

Innovative computer vision algorithms will assess your team's workspace, using just their webcams.


Compliance and wellbeing Report

Personalised report showing key needs and prioritised action plan.